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. this view of america's islamist enemy is unfortunate endemic in both u.s. political parties, much of the u.s. and western media, and perhaps most damaging, much of the academy, especially and most prestigious universities. it is in my judgment that this is almost entirely without substantiation. and it continues to be washington's working assumption, america will slowly but surely be defeated with a loss of prestige, plot, financial solvency, and domestic political cohesion. we will lose not because any of these threats are stronger than we are. that certainly is not the case. america's myopic indeed can america's myopic coming elite and its media acolytes have taken enemies who are each in military capability, at most the puny five-foot tall, even sandals, and made them into 10-foot tall and still growing behemoths. the three threats i'm going to speak about are those posed by iran, saudi arabia and al qaeda and its allies. taking these three threats, each of which is based in the persian gulf, let us first look at the smallest least threatening threat, that which comes from iran. since our
energy user? plus will the iraqi military be ready to guarantee the country's security after u.s. forces withdraw in december? but, first, the chief of navel operations, admirable gary roughhead recently joined reporters from defense news and other gann et media publications to discuss service personnel programs. we bring you excerpts from our wide-ranging interview. we start with personnel levels. in september, admirable roughhead said the navy should have 375,00 sailors but dropped that number. we asked him what changed. >> as we look at the end strength and it's not so much how many people should be in the navy, it really is what are the jobs in the navy and then how many people do you need to perform those functions. so it's very easy to say, well, you know, navy has x amount of people, so that's where we want to be. but what we constantly do as we go through the budget process is we're looking at the forestructure and the functions that have to be performed, and then how do you size that? i would submit that in the navy we in the past few years have done some incredible work to bill
was garneredly optimistic about the current state of the u.s. economy. testifying before the senate banking committee hearing this week, the chairman noted that the real ggdp would increase from 3.5% to 4%. about 1.5% higher than the fed projected three months ago. >> the most recent projections by the federal reserve board members and bank presidents prepared in conjunction with the meeting in late january, are to increase 3 1/2 to 4% in 2011, about one-half percentage point higher than our projections made in november. >> he also added that this fed forecast is broadly consistent with private forecasters. regarding unemployment, the chairman gave the feds' forecast for the end of 2012. 22 months from now. >> it could be several years before the unemployment rate has returned to a more normal level. indeed, participants generally see the unemployment rate still in the range of 7 1/2 to 8% at the ends of 2012. >> on rising gas prices, fed chairman bernanke's projection grew duller. >> higher gas prices take in chrome out of pockets of consumers and reduces their spending and their confidenc
are tracking severe weather that is making its way across the southeastern u.s. it's already killed one person and injured a dozen in louisiana. >>> a peaceful protest in the ivory coast. one moment a blood bath. just seconds later and you'll see the entire scene as it played out. women gunned down in the streets. the shooters, the government security forces. >>> a new development in the ongoing drama that is charlie sheen. he is taking your questions live. we'll tell you about that. >>> plus the ipad getting competition from blackberry. we're taking apart the playbook and looking at the ipad 2 headed to stores less than a year after its predecessor. i'm don lemon at the cnn world headquarters in atlanta. a lot of news to get to right now. we start in north africa. u.s. military planes are now assisting people who have been stuck in tunisia after fleeing neighboring libya because of ongoing violence. more than 130 egyptian refugees today lifted to cairo aboard two planes. inside libya forces say they repelled pro gadhafi trims attempted to take the city of zawia near tripoli. a look how the u.
it has a mile of water on all sides. so south carolina militia units, should they want to attack the u.s. army, are going to have to cross a mile of water first. right now we are standing outside of the sally port or the entrance to fort sumter, and what we are standing on is the granite wharf. and this is where anderson's men would have landed on the night of december 26, 1860. >> for more than three months, anderson and his men peaceably held the fort. then on april 12th, the confederate general beauregard gave the command to open fire. >> this is one of the weapons the rebs would have used to bomb the fort. so this is a 10-inch mortar, which is a small cannon, it's usually used -- it has a high trajectories so it can be used to shoot over the walls of a fortification like fort sumter and this is the same type of model that would have fired the first shot of the civil war. so we're standing inside of a casemate here at fort sumter. a casemate is a gun room so it just would just have one gun inside of it as you can see here today we do have one gun inside of this casemate. this is a 42-
>> we're not terrorist suspects. >>> coming up, u.s. muslim groups working to prevent extremism from taking hold in their communities. >> we're not terrorist suspects. we are america's brightest prospects. >>> plus, author mary karr on battling alcoholism and depression, and finding a haven in the roman catholic church. >>> welcome. i'm kim lawton, sitting in for bob abernethy. thank you for joining us. international humanitarian groups raced to help refugees fleeing the violence and chaos in libya this week. more than 200,000 people have arrived at the borders between libya and tunisia and egypt. the international red cross and red crescent societies are leading efforts to provide food, water, and sanitation, as well as medical help for the wounded. islamic relief has deployed teams of doctors and aid workers. and libya's small christian community sought help for people who have taken refuge in churches and church-run facilities. >>> religious and political leaders around the world condemned the assassination of shahbaz bhatti, the only christian to serve in pakistan's cabinet.
in the u.s. >> for vacuum cleaners. >> and about $10 billion worldwide. you look at the growth of the existing sweeper robots that are out there, it represents about 2% of the market. so the question becomes why haven't i been able to penetrate this market a bit more seriously. there are a number of obstacles, objections that customers have. one of them is they don't re-assure that the robot actually goes ef where. two, it's not a real vacuum. three, it bumps into things. then finally when it is done, then your work starts. you have to clean the robot. you have to clean the brush, you have to maintain the robot. we tried to address all of those technical issues by having the robot that is very efficient in its movement, doesn't have redundancies, and so all of that extra power is not diverted to a serious vacuum. we have a 9000 rpm fan that truly sucks sugar or sand on the floor. my vacuum can pick it up for you. >> what was it like getting funding for this project initially? >> very difficult. >> how so? >> well, when you go to traditi traditional vc, everybody thinks of multi
pryce. >>> leaders of a group that picket u.s. soldiers's funerals say they're going to redouble their efforts even though the protests disgust many americans. cnn's kate reports the u.s. supreme court has now ruled the constitution allows them. ♪ you're going straight to hell on your crazy train ♪ >> reporter: signs read thank god for dead soldiers and america is doomed. ♪ god hates america >> reporter: they have made a business out of protesting at military funerals across the country. they believe soldiers are dying because god is punishing the country for, quote, the sin of homosexuality. in an overwhelming 8-1 decision, the supreme court ruled wednesday west borough church led by pastor phelps has the right to continue spreading their angry message. chief justice john roberts wrote, quote, speech is powerful. it can stir people to action, move them to tears of both joy and sorrow. and as it did here, inflict great pain. on the facts before us, we cannot react to that pain by punishing the speaker. the pain the chief justice refers to is that of albert snyder, the phelp
from libya. the u.s. and other countries are helping and evacuating them to get them back home. >>> right now, as ben wedeman reports, rebels in ras lanuf are also claiming a major hit against gadhafi's air force. >> reporter: anti-gadhafi fighters say they took down, shot down, a libyan air force plane about eight kilometers southeast of ras lanuf, that town recently liberated from libyan army forces. we went to the site. we saw that over about a kilometer there was debris from a fighter bomber, that's an old soviet era jet. it was restaurant fstrewn for a ter over the desert. two bodies found headless. claiming one of the pilots was syrian but we didn't find evidence of that. the forces in area claim they shot it down with an anti-aircraft gun, but there's no evidence on the scene to explain how the plane came down, whether it was shot down or simply crashed. but it could be a significant development because the achille's heel of the anti-gadhafi forces were trying to advance westward, has been libyan air force jets and helicopters flying over the area. in fact, we did see on
are seeing demand increases, not only in the u.s. but throughout asia, africa and south america that are all contributing to higher crude oil price and consequently, higher gasoline prices at the pump. >> reporter: those higher gas prices came as many were starting to feel better about the economy, but now, the extra cash may be going right into the the tank. >> i think it's crazy. >> reporter: jason king spends $40 more a month on gas. >> pretty soon, i'm going to have to think about riding a bike or other means of transportation, definitely. >> reporter: in fact, those sky rocketing prices have some giving up the road for the rails. metro use in los angeles, up 10%. and across the country, commuters are using the latest technology, smartphone apps and social media, to find the cheapest gas, anything to save a buck. >> everybody i know is trying to carpool and fill the cars as much as possible. >> reporter: gas prices hit a high in february, but in the weeks ahead, spring when prices typically rise the most. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. >>> as we mention ted top of the newscast,
retaken that city is false. ras lanuf is a major oil pipeline hub. >>> the u.s. state department urging americans not to travel to yemen. it has issued an advisory saying civil unrest and terrorist activists in the middle eastern country have elevated the security theft level to an extremely high level. the state department also asking americans already there to consider leaving yemen. >> this is our apartment, not made a good size. here is picture of me and my mom and i in india riding an elephant. >> reporter: a few cherished moment toes are what 10-year-old beverly dempsey displayed in her had temporary apartment in falls church, virginia, she and her father had to evacuate cairo during the uprising in egypt. what was the whole process and the journey like for you. >> first came the tears because i had to leave my mother and that was pretty upsetting. >> reporter: her mom had to stay behind for essential work even as diplomatic families only got eight hours to leave. violence was right at their doorstep. >> we saw all the protesters walking by our house and that was really freaky. on
are serious allegations to make. you honestly believe the g.o.p. members of congress would rather turn the u.s. economy upside down than resolve it? >> the cuts they made the other day in the house bill were the most irresponsible piece of legislation i have seen in 40 years of my experience in government. they made wild cuts to cut programs that really the american people expect to be effective. the american people want clean air and clean water. these guys say wipe out the epa. that simply is not good government. it's just whacking for the sake of whacking. it has no thinking going into how you make reductions. there is no democrat that doesn't believe there has to be some reductions. but there is a belief that it should be done in a reasonable way. the senate put out a proposal and i expect republicans to reject it out of hand because it's not enough. it's enough for this year. we can get to things next year. we have had eight years of wild republican spending under bush. now people say why is it fixed in one year? that's not sensible. >> shannon: let's talk about the fact that last year wh
to a long battle between determined libyan rebels and an entrenched dictator. a sharp contrast to u.s. rhetoric this week, demanding a quick end. >> we have joined the libyan people in demanding that the gadhafi must go now without further violence or delay. >> the violence must stop. moammar gadhafi has lost legitimacy to lead and he must leave. >> this morning the libyan leader seems prepared to kill as many people as he needs to to stay in power. >>> today, libya in chaos with former national security officer stephen hadley and libyan minister of state, one of the first to call on gadhafi to step down. then as republican presidential hopefuls position themselves for 2012, two men who have been there and done that. senator lamar alexander and former governor bill richardson. and controversial hearings on homegrown terrorism with peter king. >> we're talking about a radi l radicalization in this country linked to an overseas enemy. >> and democratic congressman keith ellison, a muslim american. >> singling out one community is the wrong thing to do. >> i'm candy crowley. and this is
. >> the works in the show include a large canvas depicting a woman washing the beach with her hair at the u.s./mexican border. the painting encourages the viewer to engage with the current debates over immigration and the politics of women and labor. influenced by the campaigns of the chicano civil rights movement, this oakland artist is a print maker whose work has helped and sustainability with the immigrant community as well as other current sociopolitical issues. this print-based work draws on appropriated agricultural worker manuals and high fashion labels to satirically address class issues, cultural identities, and consumerism. >> angelica -- her father was an agricultural worker, so she has drawn a lot from the materials the agricultural department sends to agricultural workers, referencing the depiction of farm workers and some of the information about pesticide application. >> mitzi combines a variety of media, including embroidery, to create artifacts of mexican, chicano, pop culture. she greets immensely detailed drawings of celebrities on the same platform of her friends and fam
of displaced foreign workers are strand at border towns. two u.s. air force cargo planes brought water and blankets to the refugees. the red cross is asking the u.s. for more help. >> what we need mainly are airplanes to bring these people home. >> reporter: there is no sign the battle for control of the city or the humanitarian crisis in libya will end anytime soon. abc news. benghazi. eastern libya. >> alan: back in the bay area police are asking for the public's help in catching a large group of suspects they say assaulted and robbed a man at the redwood city caltrain station-leaving him in critical condition. the attack happened at 7:30 last night at the station on james avenue. investigators say a group of nine to 15 suspects carried out a strong-arm robbery of a 47-year-old san jose resident while he was waiting for a southbound caltrain. the suspects fled before police arrived. but investigators are following up on potential leads. inch. >>> pg&e is launching a grueling round the clock search for every docume
, and i just wanted to urge u.s. policy makers to take the view that whenever the context is for it to a policy you want to advance, there is always a way. there is always a way to work koran or adapt the policy so you have flexibility to target jobs and provide opportunities for the residents in san francisco, so thanks for your interest. to work around or death the policy. supervisor -- to work around or adapt the policy. supervisor mirkarimi: 80. >> supervisor mirkarimi, apologize for being late -- thank you. >> supervisor mirkarimi, i apologize for being late. i am sorry i missed your statement. i am sure it was a good one. there is a couple of things. we were like a lot on the -- we rely a lot on the private sector for where our revenue comes from. wanting to implement the local hiring with a city subsidy, our office would like to see, and i strongly suggest, that the prevailing wage applied to this. i think it is very, very important. that raises the standard, because, obviously, we do have the training, and that is what it is all about. that is a very, very importan
stands tough and so does a u.s. president. >> colonel gadhafi needs to step down from power. it is the right thing to do. >> but the bombings and gunshots continue to kill. as thousands flee one chaotic country to another. how it all ends, impacts the world. hello and welcome to our have you veers around the world to the uprising in lib yeah. i'm don lemon. >> hello. i'm john vause from cnn international. >> it's early sunday morning in libya. what began as a popular uprising a few weeks ago is beginning to look more and more like a civil war on one side are rebel forces who seized control of key cities in eastern libya. on the other, a defiant moammar gadhafi an iron grip over the capital tripoli. >> west of tripoli, a mayor point of contention. opposition forces say pro-gadhafi troops driven out to the outskirts but government is relying on fighter jets and helicopters to strike rebel strongholds and strategic targets including a large weapons depot in benghazi. >> the rebels claim to have shot down one of the fighters, soviet-made jet crashed with two pilots aboard. now,
, over more than a decade. >> police in new haven, connecticut, say u.s. marshals arrested the suspected east coast rapist on a city street in the middle of friday afternoon without incident. back in december of 2009, investigators from four different states concluded through dna evidence that one suspect had been raping and attacking women since 1997. new haven police identified the suspect as 39-year-old aaron thomas. >> he was charged with sexual assault in the first degree. burglary in the first-degree. and risk of injury to a minor with a $1 million cash bond. he was also charged as a fugitive of justice with charges of two counts of rape, abduction, and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony in the first degree. >> the prince william county case is the most recent of the attacks. on halloween 2009, three teenage girls trick or treated in this dale city neighborhood, then were accosted by a man with a gun and marched into nearby woods. two were raped. police established a website and billboards in an effort to spark leads. a tipster called and when he discarded a cigarette
as a place to wash. >>> a new warning today for americans overseas. the state department is urging u.s. citizens not to travel to yemen. for those already there, officials say they should consider leaving now. let's bring in nbc news white house correspondent mike viqueira. good sunday morning to you, mike. >> good morning, alex. >> what's the latest that's prompting this warning? >> there are terrorist warnings, terrorist unrest, civil attacks in yemen. yemen an impoverished country strategically located on the arabian peninsula. they've had a man in power there for 32 years, president ali abdullah saleh. this unrest has been happening for the past couple months, corresponding to the unrest in egypt. you'll recall that president saleh said, okay, he tried to launch a preemptive political strike, said i will not seek a eternal at the end of his current term in 2013, won't install my son at that time. for a while it appeared that might hold. now it appears the situation is deteriorating rapidly. adding to the complicated factor in yemen is the presence of al qaeda on the arabian peninsu
of massachusetts on his personal and professional life, including his election to the u.s. senate to fill the term of the late senator ted kennedy. at 8, richard whitmire examines former washington, d.c. school chance michelle rhee's efforts to reform the school system. on after words, rubin carter talks about the 20 years he spent in prison and his work for the innocence since his 1935 re-- 1985 release. we conclude with mr. west who served as assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs durgd reagan administration. he argues that a reliance on counterinsurgency strategies has led the u.s. astray in afghanistan. >> in this time we win, senior editorial writer robbins argues that the tet offense offensive was a failure for the vietnamese. from san diego, this is about an hour. >> thanks, t.j.. good morning, everybody. happy to be here. thanks for inviting me. i'm really delighted. i noted on your web site that it identified me as writing for "the washington post" and not the washington times. i'm not offended. maybe they are. [laughter] slight difference. just wanted to point
for joining us. >> thank you. >> jamie: what is on the table actually for the u.s.? >> well, we could, declare a no-fly zone but that is complicated, because, while the u.s. has aircraft, in all the nate tows countries, italy and britain and germany we cannot use this aircraft unless we have permission from the host country and that is not likely to come. they've already said they will not give permission unless the u.n. or nato-wide agrees to that and that will not happen. >> jamie: going it alone -- >> we'd be in it alone and, a no fly zone is not just to say, nobody fly over lybia, what a no-fly zone would require is that u.s. aircraft, probably based on carriers, would go in to lybia and would bomb lybia and bomb the air defense system of lybia and fly 24/7 over lybia and that is a major commitment. and, also sets the precedent, what about the next revolution that you will see? because you will see more of these. and, so, the question is, could we do it? yes, we could but it is at a great cost and secondly, joe, jamie is the question, should we? now, right now, so far the libyan rebels are
that the state department just this morning has advised u.s. citizens either to get out of yemen, another hot spot on the saudi arabian peninsula, because of terrorist activities and civil unrest there, and if you had plans to go there do not go there. they're also issuing a voluntary evacuation of u.s. dependents of diplomats who are in that country, alex. >> makes sense. thanks so much, mike viqueira at the white house. >>> heavy rain, wind, and snow is hammering the northeast and mid-atlantic states today. that front brought violent weather to the south yesterday. a tornado in louisiana killed a young mother as she was trying to protect her child. the twister completely destroyed 60 homes just in the town of rain. then up porth the storm soaked the midwest, where some flood warnings remain in effect until wednesday now. swollen rivers caused road closures in several states including indiana and ohio. so how much punch will this storm system pack today? the weather channel's alex wallace joining me with more. good sunday morning to you, alex. >> good morning to you, too. and you know, the p
that detailed what was planned. the u.s. embassy a month before the attack gave a briefing in which they talked about what they thought was coming. if you go through january 1968 which was the month before the attack happened which took place right at the end of january, our forces went on progressively greater states of alert, our decision makers talked about the coming attack. there was a story three days before the attack in "the washington post" saying, talking about the expected spring offensive that was coming. and then, furthermore, the enemy when they finally launched their attack because of miscommunication, some of their guys attacked two days too early, some of the guys attacked the day before they were supposed to attack. the whole country of south vietnam was on alert. how do you get a surprise attack out of that? the point is that the press settled on a storyline. they decided since some of the people in washington were surprised, everybody must have been surprised. they asked the johnson administration if you knew about it in advance, why didn't you tell us? the johnson administr
. >> the suspect when killed u.s. servicemen reportedly screamed god is great. may sound like a terrorist attack. our next guest explains. >> many ways to raise kids but one mom says you need to tame the tiger mom attitude to find your inner zen. her secret to parenting is coming up. can't wait to hear it. >> life imitating art. the movie "up" comes to life for the folks at national geographic. is this awesome video. you've never seen fast. you've never held it in your hand, then unleashed it with a fingertip. never watched pixels whip by at 1 ghz and had your neurons struggle to keep up. you've never seen fast because you've never seen this. the droid incredible by htc. it's nothing short of its name. now get the droid incredible by htc for $99.99. >> welcome back. opened fire on u.s. servicemen getting on a bus outside an airport in frankfurt germany but the white house not calling this a terror attack. >>> was the shooting of congresswoman gabby giffords a terrorist attack? you have to look at the evidence and look at the motivation an then you make a judgment. >> joining us is former white h
, grow the economy and reduce the long- term deficit. >>> one of the largest u.s. anti-trust investigations has resulted in fines and even jail sentences for more than 20 incident national airlines and their executives. investigators found a paper trail laying out agreements since 2,000 to set passengers and cargo surcharges. convicted airlines include british airways, korean air and air france klm. they admitted wrongdoing. several asian airlines are also named in related consumer lawsuits. no major u.s. carriers have been charged. >>> government health officials tonightare warning mothers to- be about the potential dangers of painkillers. researchers have found the use of prescription strength codeine in the early stages of pregnancy doubles the risk of having a child born with a heart defect. the c -- cdc says there needs to be more research done on women with pregnancy. doctors should talk to their pregnant patients about the strategy. >>> it claims like a house fire claimed the beloved pet. when long beach firefighters entered the home that was filled with smoke on
.ncicap.org-- >> this one makes your blood boil, makes my blood boil. the 20-year-old u.s. marine lance corporal matthew snynyder died in iraq, non-combat. in 2006 as friends and family were bearing the young marine, members of the westboro baptist church of tobacco, kansas,s, showed up to inform the world that the lance corporal debt w g's punishme for this nation's tolerance of homosexuality. they held up signs called thank god fofor dead soldiers, god has the usa, thank god for 9/11. his father sued the members of the church for, among other things, emotional distress. a jurur awarded him $11 million, reduced of 5 million and in heels scored three of the verdict and this week the supreme cot ruled 8-1 that as hurtful the speechas, it is nevertheless protected by the first amendment. as "the wall street journal" put it the other day, even jerks are protected by the first amendment. did you agree? >> the court agree remember the word empathy? you have empathy for mr. snyder t the court to job is not necessarily to have empathy, it is to say what the rules are that govern the country. essentially what t
ali abd dill law sula a u.s. ally trying to tackle al qaeda. americans reportedly killed yemeni police officers in an ambush. one person dead and hundreds homeless after a tornado ripped through the town of louisiana yesterday. i hope i am pronouncing that right. a person died a young mother trying to protect a child. many residents are still without power. take a look at this youtube video. lulling right about the time a tornado touched down. more on the weather let's go right now. >> it was a real rough k day yesterday. you can see where the cold front is. it is pulled further off to the east. threat for severe weather not as significant today. we will see some showers that are severe. maybe strong winds not as much in the way of tornados. you notice the rain pulling in cold air coming in behind it. >> off to the south you notice it is cleared out across parts of the western panhandle of florida. new orleans you are fine. parts of florida we need some of the rain because of the fires we are dealing with. flood warnings are in effect. that is a concern right now. we have flood watches
shapiro, an attorney and former u.s. assistant attorney, who has spent the last several years and 10 season working on television dramas such as "the practice" and "boston legal." next to him we have jamie floyd. broadcast anger for network news. many of you know her from her daily live broadcast "the best defense. next is a local attorney who has handled a number of high-profile cases including a nationally publicized acquittals of actor robert blake and civil rights lawyer stephen bingham. to his left is a career public defender from washington state. she is a blunder and has her own -- blogger and has her own blog. so'. does the media contributes to a negative misconception of public defenders, and more broadly, criminal defense attorneys? >> no, thank you. [laughter] >> absolutely yes. i think for the most part, there is the lack of understanding on the part of the american public on more critical role of the public defender. it is laid down in our sixth amendment. we do not teach it properly in primary school education. the public learned of it through the news media and come to
city two hours outside of tripoli. more on that in a moment. >>> meantime, four more u.s. military flights headed back to cairo from tunisia today. they were carrying egyptians who have fled the fighting in libya. earlier today, our randi kaye spoke several times to one eyewitness in the fighting in misrata. we are going to listen to different parts of the various interviews. you will hear him start off worried for his safety earlier in the morning, then switch to jubilation later on. take a listen to how this played out. >> for the last 50 minutes or so i have been in the middle of gunfire, live gunfire between militias and the opposition. people are taking to the street. [ inaudible ] i'm sorry, i just have to find a safer way to talk to you. sorry. the courthouse, which was the center of the assault by the militias on the city of misrata. literally in the middle of a -- what seems to be a way in a battlefield. >> have the tanks left, has the army pulled out? has the opposition moved back? >> yes,ing they are, pulled out from the center at the courthouse. >> are they still celebr
by the u.s. secretary of state a day before mr. bhatti lost his life. to you, paul marshal, are you encouraged by the words of our secretary of state or the united states needs to do more than talk? >> both. i am encouraged and the u.s. needs to do more than talk. i think the administration generally has been very quiet about the persecution of religious minorities, especially christians. reluctant even to mention the fact christians willing killed in iraq. i think secretary clinton's statement is a state forward acknowledging what is happening. now it remains to be seen what they do. if it stays at words, then tas huge disappointment. it is just wind. if they begin to act. if they raise the issues with the government pakistan, with the government iraq, if they look to specific protections from the christian communities in iraq, that is an important step. >> okay. paul marshal, stay in d.c. gary in egypt and we have more to talk. when we come back our own gary lane is in cairo and tremendous changes, and talk about the implications for what this means for christians in the middle e
you. >>> with the violence spreading the u.s. state department is warning americans not to travel to yemen because of what it calls a high security threat level. citizens already there should consider leaving. antigovernment demonstrators are clashed with security forces in several parts of the country. in addition, we're hearing reports that al qaeda fighters killed four soldiers near the capital of sanaa. >>> back in the u.s., emergency workers are going door to door in rain, louisiana, this morning, checking homes damaged by a tornado that killed a 2 1-year-old woman. the town's mayor says the victim was killed when a tree fell on her house as she was protecting her daughter. the little girl, we're told, was not hurt. the tornado with winds as strong as 135 miles an hour left a five-mile path of damage. earlier this morning i asked a spokeswoman with the sheriff's office about damage to the town some 80 miles west of baton rouge. >> a lot of damage. i would say probably a quarter of the city of rain has been damaged in the storm as of this morning. probably 80% of the power has
yesterday only to come under bombardment by troops from khadafy. concerns have u.s. leaders debating military intervention. republican center john mccain tells this week, he wants u.s. forces to establish a no-fly zone to protect rebel forces from air attacks. >> a no-fly zone, declaring our assistance or support of a provisional government perhaps can which is being formed -- there is a lot of steps we can take. >> there is a loose talk about some of these military options. let's call a state a state. a no-fly zone begins with an attack on libya to destroy the air defenses. that is the way you do a no-fly zone. >> two cargo planes landed in north america tunisia delivering humanitarian supplies for thousands of workers along the border. kristine hanson. wow, all you have to look out. >> i know. >> we're soblgd in. >> not only do we have the rain but the fog coupled with rain. an area of roadways, here is a live picture from camera in emeryville and snow in the mountains. chain requirements and update where it's range at this hour. >> thank you -- raining this hours. >> and surprise
would bring myself to u.s. someone from the housing community. i have a couple of kids, i've been in the city for about 19 years. thank you for your consideration. >> are there any questions? seeing none, we will open it up for public comment. thank you for being here. i don't know if you want to make any comments to the committee. >> i am the director for the mayor's office of housing. i will not be speaking in any -- in favor of any candidate. we have three seats, including the one that is currently occupied by the incumbent. we have been short two members. we will be making recommendations for the block grant funds. the house of repetitive has suggested a cut in funding and this has not been resolved by the senate. that makes an extremely critical time for us to have that dialogue. it cut at a 30% level perhaps will not have a devastating effect. we have reconstituted this committee so it is comprised of the board of supervisors representatives for the first time. i appreciate your bringing in the grass-roots constituency. >> thank you very much. i let the court know that you w
, western leaders can help with the transition. already, the u.s. pace tons of money to many of these countries. now it needs to direct that assistance into the civil society, the democracy building, trying to help without dictating, without sending funds, helping with the transition. so they do not get hijacked in ways that go to a dictatorship. we will have an extraordinary panel on sunday of activist women from egypt, iran, and elsewhere, talking about the fighting. what happens to women will determine what happens to the society in general. then we will talk about domestic news, talk about the jobs situation and politics, and we will have all of that on the program this week. >> i cannot believe the top of the show, live from tripoli. i wonder what you remember the most. >> it is extraordinary to interview mubarak days before he stepped down, get the first direct word he would step down. then to find the eccentric and reclusive gaddafi in libya, his take, somewhat divorced of reality. it has been extraordinary. the take i have is that one could view what is going on aroun
is the justification for continued u.s. taxpayer investments? in egypt and elsewhere successive u.s. administrations failed to move beyond the status quo and prepare for the future. we should not associate the protests in jordan and bahrain with events transpiring in tripoli, cairo, and beirut. there is one constant. we have failed to build strong accountable institutions to protect human rights. this administration's decision to cut support from pro-democracy civil groups and to only fund groups precleared with the mubarak government is a mistake that we must never repeat. then there is the mistake of the bush administration and continued under the current administration to conduct business as usual with the libyan regime following the lifting of u.n. security sanctions sanctions that imposed that included lives -- which included taking the live of two people. madam secretary, i have a letter that they have written requesting yours and director miller's help requesting information on muammar gaddafi's attacks on targets in the 1980's and 19990's. many of us objected to their deplorable human rights
of gadhafi a vital u.s. interest? >> i think stopping the violence, first of all, that's occurring in libya is most important. the president has been very aggressive. we froze -- we initiated sanctions quicker than we have ever done in the past. froze $30 billion of gadhafi's money in the u.s. we have been very aggressive in our coordination with the international community in looking at all options. and we have also been very aggressive in bringing humanitarian aid to the region, to help people. there's a tremendous -- >> but it hasn't stopped gadhafi. >> it has not stopped them. there's no doubt. >> is it in america's vital national interest that gadhafi is gone? >> it is in -- gadhafi should go for the people of libya. he should stop this, as the president said. he should stop the slaughtering of the people in these battles. but if we can't define if it's in our vital international interest, doesn't it say how far we're willing to go to get him out? >> i think the international community is going to come together. there is discussions going on right now, they have been going on for the l
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intends to highlight the increasing threat of home-grown terrorism here in the u.s. the lack of support from the muslim community. but many say it's unfair to single out a single group when attacks have come from non-muslims as well and see the hearings as a witch hunt and close to mccarthyism. russell simmons is one of men leading the hearing. >> it's the negativity we have this. these hearings will bring out more hate. >> julie: congressman king points to recent incidents like the attempted tame squire bombing. >> the attorney general the secretary of homeland security have all spoken about the increasing threat through domestic radicalization. eric holder back in december he can't sleep at night because of the number of young memorandum americans who are willing to take up arms against their government. >> julie: the hearings will take place on thursday held by the house homeland security committee and congressman plans several more over the next year. >> heather: thank you very much, julie. >> gregg: a shocking investigative report revealing an expensive public pension plan that cou
by relying on the saudis to play a pro u.s. role in the oil market and in gingers the economy by allowing them to buy an ever larger share of our ever more out of control federal debt. in addition, the saudis over the past 30 years have built a highly effective lobby in the united states which is as pernicious, effective and corrupting as high tech but more quiet and subtle. the lobby employs former u.s. ambassadors, generals and seniors intelligence officers to argue the case in the white house, the congress and the media. and especially in the "wall street journal." and needless to say, the lobby's work is enthusiastically assisted by our oil and arms leading corporations whose concerns have less to do with the u.s. security than making sure they keep their seats on the saudi retrain that is even now hauling away another $60 billion worth of u.s.-made arms. due to these factors, the u.s. leaders never tell americans the truth about the kingdom, which is that since the 1970's oil boom started an enormous transfer of western wealth to the peninsula the saudis have quietly exported the bra
the only american made one wes could find. we found some appliances half made in the u.s. and they were about half the cost of what we bought. >> reporter: the old bedroom set, $1758. the new one, $1699. the american goods, less expensive and just as durable. the workers who made the furniture, so proud to tell us, made in america. >> i'm with diane sawyer, and david muir and sharyn alfonsi. >> you start from the question, how much in your shopping cart was made in america? how much in the living room? most people think about half. that's what we said. >> at least half. >> and then the revelation. and that was the first thing we wanted to do. it's a wakeup call about the reality around us. we though it's a global economy. but the thousands of pressure points that create what really establishes jobs. however, i loved knowing that my neighbors are making things that i'm buying. that's one factor among others. we thought people should start asking the question. >> what really will put the jobs back where they're meant to be in the country? >> every economist we spoke to said, you might say
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